Take a 'snapshot' 

Leading up to Father's Day think about what's been happening in your whānau this year and write it down. What have Dad, Mum and the kids been doing? How are the kids growing - weight, height, shoe size? These snippets create a snapshot of your whānau to share with Dad on Father's Day and can be enjoyed again in years to come.  

Breakfast in bed

What better way to start the day then to treat dad to his favourite breakfast in bed. This is something that both you and your tamariki can be involved in, let them know a few days before that you are going to be surprising dad with this treat so they can be involved and share their ideas on the planning process.

Make a Father’s Day card

This is something that your tamariki can work on in the week leading up to Father’s Day. Encourage them to think of a heartfelt message to include inside the card that shows their dad just how much they love him. This can be given to dad with his breakfast!

Lend a hand

Find out if there are any chores that dad has been meaning to do but hasn’t quite got to and encourage the rest of the whānau to help you in getting these done. On top of this make sure that dad doesn’t have to do any of the household chores for the day.

Spend time with Dad

Encourage the whānau to spend some time with dad on Father’s Day doing an activity that he enjoys doing. This could be one of his hobbies or maybe visiting a place that he enjoys going to.

Let Dad spend some time alone

Lastly, set aside some time for dad to spend on his own, doing something that he wants to do. Use this time to keep the rest of the whānau busy with other activities and remind them that this is dad’s alone time.