In this episode of Taki Kōrero our guest was Latu To’omaga, a Pacific dad with a wealth of knowledge in the Pacific community. Latu talked about how he approaches positive parenting as a single dad and how he incorporates Samoan culture into how he chooses to parent.

Supporting Pacific Parents

Latu’s work as a community worker and a Brainwave Trust educator means he has experience supporting Pacific families. He talked about the importance of understanding the journey of a Pacific aiga (family) and how they got to be in New Zealand.

“I would ask them to give a little bit of background knowledge – what’s the backstory of this whānau? Are they traditional Samoan? Or are they New Zealand Samoan?  What is this whānau about?”

Breaking the cycle

Latu acknowledged that he grew up in a violent household, but when he became a dad himself  he learned how to show love and care and move away from repeating the cycle.

“It’s about taking the good things you experienced as a young person from your parents and putting that into your parenting repertoire,” he said.

Check out the highlights from the kōrero below: