Make an Easter Bunny mask

You’ll need: Paper plates, scissors and string, felt-pens, crayons or paint, and any extra decorations you’d like to use.

  1. Choose an animal you’d like to be, then draw the animal’s face on the back of your paper plate. Cut holes out for your eyes, make small side holes for the string, then tie this to fit.
  2. Paint, colour and decorate your mask, thinking of ways to add more detail. A bunny could have cotton balls for the nose!
  3. Wear your mask and try acting like the animal you’ve chosen! What noises do they make? How do they move? Where do they live?




Make an egg carton caterpillar

You’ll need: An empty egg carton, paints or felt pens and if you want, things to stick on.

  1. Turn your egg-carton upside-down and cut off the top and edge flap.
  2. Cut from one end to the other, to make two long caterpillar bodies.
  3. Paint and decorate your caterpillar, adding eyes and a smile.

Extra: Give your new friend a name and glue on wool for hair, or give him sticky up pipe-cleaner antennae.




Make some egg-cellent eggs

You’ll need: Eggs (or flat stones with round edges), paints and if you want, things you can glue on.

  1. Boil your eggs for six minutes and let them cool, or give your stones a good wash.
  2. Draw a picture onto your egg stone, or decorate it with paint and glitter.
  3. Give your creation to someone you care about or use an egg cup to display it.




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