Prioritize sleep

With all the tasks on the ‘to do’ list at this time of year, you can find yourself wrapping presents late at night and struggling to keep your eyes open. It’s important to priortize your sleep so that you can enjoy the time with your whānau.

Consider a Secret Santa

One of the biggest stressors at this time of year is finding the time and money to buy presents. Consider options like picking names out of a hat for a ‘Secret Santa’ gift. This way you don’t have to worry about gifts for every family member, but can focus on finding something unique for just one or two people.

Use some ‘holiday helpers’

On top of the organisation for the holidays, there’s also your tamariki to keep busy and entertained while they’re off school or ECE. Enlist their help in activities like wrapping gifts, making Christmas cards and wrapping paper, or brainstorming ideas for gifts for whānau.

Make your own gifts

This is another way you can keep your tamariki involved and entertained. There are lots of cool ideas online for easy, homemade gifts. Often these gifts are more heart felt than something that you buy from a shop – plus they can be lots of fun to make!

Time together as a whānau

Undoubtedly the best thing about the holidays and Christmas is the time off that you get to spend with whānau. Remember to set aside some quality time together. The warmer weather is an invite to get outdoors too. So leave the devices, slip, slop slap and enjoy some time being outside together.