How much time do you have?

Just a minute | 5 minutes | Fifteen | An hour

You’ll need: 2 cups frozen berries, 1 medium banana, 1 cup low-fat strawberry or vanilla yogurt,
1/2 cup fruit juice, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup

  1. Place berries, banana, yogurt, juice and maple syrup in a blender. 
  2. Blend until smooth. 
  3. Divide the smoothie among ice-block molds or small cups. 
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 01

Kei i a koe: He kōata whakarahi, ō whatu koi rānei

You might have: A magnifying glass or you can use your bionic eyes

  1. Haere ki waho ki ngā wāhi e mōhio ana koe he ngāngara kei reira – kei raro toka, kei ngā kohinga rau rākau, keria rānei he rua ki tō māra.
    Head outside to places you might have seen bugs – under rocks or in leaf piles, or dig a hole in your garden.

  2. Āta mātakitakihia ngā ngāngara – he koemi, he tūoma rānei? Ka kaute 1, 2, 3, 4 …
    Watch the bugs carefully – do they wriggle or scuttle? Count them 1,2,3,4…

  3. Ina mutu ana koe, whakahokia ngā mea i nekehia e koe, he toka i nekehia, te whakahoki i ngā rau, i ngā paru, kia noho pai tonu a rātou taiao.
    Once you’re finished watching bugs, replace any rocks, dirt and leaves back so as not to disturb their home too much.

    He mahi anō: Hāngaia he puni ngāngara mā te whakatūtū haere i ētahi rākau, ētahi rau ki tētahi wāhi o tō māra.
    Extra: Make a bug hut by piling up some sticks and leaves somewhere in your garden. Keep checking to see if any bugs have moved in.


You’ll need: 340g of spaghetti pasta and your favourite tasty extras... see below!

  1. Cook and drain your spaghetti. Follow the instructions on the packet.
  2. Add your favourite extras! Tasty tomato: Add a can of plain or flavoured tomatoes to your drained pasta. Simmer for 2-3 minutes. Add some fresh basil (optional). Veggie hide and seek: Pan fry and add 1-2 cups of finely chopped/grated veggies. We love onion, carrot and courgette. Vegemite treat: Stir a little butter, 2 tablespoons of water and 2 teaspoons of vegemite (or marmite) into your drained pasta.
  3. Sprinkle with grated cheese and serve. Yum yum!
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 03

You’ll need: Your favourite bread, spreads or fillings, and biscuit cutters or a knife 

  1. Make your toast or sandwiches as you normally would.
  2. Choose the biscuit cutter shapes you’d like to use.
  3. Use your cutters (or knife) to cut your toast or sammies into cool shapes. And ta-da! Super sammies and toast! Enjoy.
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 02

You’ll need: One cup of water, 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid, 2 teaspoons of corn syrup (optional), a clean container, and a pipe cleaner or some bendy wire 

  1. Bubble mix: Gently stir the water, dishwash and syrup together, then pour the mix into your container.
  2. Bend one end of your wire so that it forms a small circle. Or find something with a closed circle, like scissor and     whisk handles, or a tea strainer
  3. Dip the wand into your bubble mix. Can you see some in your circle?!
  4. If so, gently blow through the circle… bubble magic!

 Easy option: Buy your first bubble mix and just top it up when you run out.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 05

Me whai i: Te hāpiapia, ngā karakara, pepa me te peita.

You will need: Some glue, crayons, paper and/or paint.

  1. Haere ki waho ki te kohi rau, rau pua. 
    Head outside and collect leaves and petals from the ground.

  2. Me whakamātau tēnei mahi toi mā te puru i te rau ki raro iho i tō pepa, kātahi ka muku mā te karakara. Hangaia he kāri, he pepa takai rānei mā tēnei mahinga toi!
    Try some leafy tracing by putting a leaf under a piece of paper, then rubbing a crayon over the top. Make cards or wrapping paper using this technique!

  3. Me whakamātau hoki te peita i tētahi taha o ngā rau kua kohia, ka tā ki te pepa.
    You could try painting leaves on one side and carefully stamping them on your paper.

  4. Hangaia rānei he kōwaiwai toirau mā te whakapiri rau, rau pua hoki ki tētahi whārangi pepa. Ka tāpiri i ō pikitia i muri iho. 
    Or make a leafy collage by glueing your leaves and petals onto your page. Add your own drawings all around.



 You’ll need: Eyes, the sky, clouds, a great imagination

  1. Get outside and find a seat or a nice patch of grass.
  2. Get comfy and look up at the sky. (But don’t look at the sun!)
  3. What are the clouds like? Can you see any shapes?
  4. How many cloud creatures can you find?



You’ll need: Food you can eat without plates – like little sandwiches, sliced apples, raisins and yoghurt pottles. Drink bottles, a large blanket, sun cream and your favourite friends or teddies 

  1. Decide on a picnic spot. It could be your back yard!
  2. When you arrive, spread out your blanket and unpack your food.
  3. Make sure everyone’s comfy, then enjoy!

 Extra: If it’s wet, have the picnic inside, in a hut made of blankets!

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 06

You’ll need: Some soft sand (or dirt) and large sticks 

  1. Go to the beach! Find a flat patch of  sand near the water.
  2. If you can, write your name or special messages.
  3. Use your sticks to draw pictures.
  4. Share what you like about each other’s then watch them wash away.
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 07

You’ll need: A hot day, a patch of lawn, a sprinkler and your togs 

  1. Easy fun: Set up the sprinkler and run through it!
  2. Water Olympics: Have baton relays, jump the sprinkler or play catch!
  3. Play freeze: Run and dance around the lawn and through the sprinkler, until the leader yells ‘Freeze!’3
  4. Car wash: Pretend you are cars zooming through the water to get clean!
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 08

You’ll need: Two or more people 

  1. Find some space indoors or outdoors.
  2. Take turns to choose an action for everyone to copy. 
  3. You might do five hops, ten star jumps or a fancy dance move!
  4. What happens to your heart beat? Can you feel it?

Extra: Talk about heart rate and why being active is good for us!


AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 09

Me whai koe i: Ētahi kōhatu papatahi – ko ngā tahataha o ngā awa, ko ngā takutai moana ngā wāhi ka kitea ēnei momo kōhatu (he wā tūhura!).

You will need: Flattish stones – local riverbeds and beaches are good places to find these (and spend time exploring!).

  1. Rapua he kōhatu.
    Find your stones.

  2. Me whakamātau ki te raupapa i ngā kōhatu kia teitei rawa.
    Try stacking your stones as high as you can.

  3. Me tauutuutu te mahi, ka tiro nō wai te kōhatu ka whakatimana i te pou kōhatu!
    Take turns to see whose stone makes the tower topple!



You’ll need: Stale bread and crusts, some hungry local ducks! 

  1. Is there a river or pond you could walk to?
  2. When you arrive, find some ducks and share out your bread.
  3. Break bite-size pieces off each slice, and throw them to the ducks.
  4. Try to get some to the ducks who are missing out!

Extra: See how far you can throw each piece.

Or break off lots of little pieces then throw them all in.

A bread scramble!


AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 10

You’ll need: A sock for each person, a pen, stickers, or buttons and glue (optional) 

  1. Use your sock like a glove, putting your thumb in the heel and fingers in the toe.
  2. Music: Have your puppets sing a song!
  3. Story: Get your puppets to act out a story.
  4. Chat: Use your puppets to chat about  your favourite things.

 Extra: Give your puppet a name?

Draw, sew or glue on some eyes and hair

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 11

You’ll need: Cardboard, paper, crayons, pencils, glue, leaves, glitter – whatever you have! 

  1. Fold your paper in half.
  2. Decorate the front with a special design,  collage or picture
  3. Write a message on the inside (get help if you need it).
  4. Give your card to someone special! 

Extra: Talk about other (free!) ways you can show people you care.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 12

Me whai koe i: Tētahi pepa, he pene, he pene rākau karakara, he pene hinu, he karakara rānei.

You will need: A piece of paper, a pen, colouring pencils, crayons or felts.

  1. Mēnā he rangi ua, he makariri rānei, tirohia tō māra mai i tō matapihi, mēnā e pai ana, haere ki waho ki te āta tirotiro haere.
    If it’s a cold or wet day, study your garden from your window, otherwise, head outside to take a closer look.

  2. Tāia ngā āhuatanga o tō māra, pērā i ngā taiapa, ngā rākau, tō rāina kākahu rānei. 
    Draw the features of your garden like fences, big trees or your washing line.

  3. Me tohu ka karakara i ngā wāhi mīharo o tō māra – he wāhi ngāngara, te wāhi pārekareka, te wāhi mahana…
    Mark and colour the special places in your garden – the bug area, the fun area, the cosy area…

  4. Ina oti ana tō mahere, whakamahia hei mahere i tō haerenga tuarua ki waho!
    Once your map is complete, use it to plan your next outside adventure!



You’ll need: 1 cup of cornflour, 1 cup of water, a muffin tin, food colouring and paintbrushes 

  1. Mix the cornflour and water together then split the mixture among your muffin cups.
  2. Add a few drops of different food colouring to each cup.
  3. Then use your paint brushes to decorate your driveway or footpath.
  4. You could draw each other, blue puddles to jump in, or the letters of your names.

 Short on time? Normal chalk is great too!

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 13

You could have a sing along… in the car, in the bath, before or after meals, in bed, when the ads are on. When else? 

  1. Songs with actions: Incy Wincy Spider, The Hokey Tokey, The Wheels on the Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat
  2. Other well known songs: Twinkle Twinkle, Old McDonald, Baa-Baa Black Sheep, Six in a Bed, How Much is That Doggy in the Window?
  3. Make up songs: Pick a tune and sing about your day! E.g. “Today I woke up and it was sunny! Then we ate some cereal and it was yummy!”
  4. What other songs can you sing along to?
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 14

You’ll need: Music and your dancing shoes! 

  1. Bop to the beat: See if you can tap, clap, high five, or march to the beat!
  2. Teach a new move: Copy each other’s spins, twists, turns and shakes then put your moves together!
  3. Play zoo guess who: Take turns dancing as your favourite animals
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 15

Me whai i: Ō waewae!

You’ll need: Your waewae!

  1. Haere ki waho.
    Head outside.
  2. Tangohia ō hū me ō tōkena.
    Take off your shoes and socks.
  3. Ka rongo i te otaota, i ngā kōhatu, i te kirikiri me te oneone me ō waewae.
    Feel the grass, stones, sand and dirt beneath your waewae.
  4. Me tango i ō hū, ka oma, ka peke, ka kori, ka tākaro hoki.
    Run, skip, dance and play with bare waewae.

You’ll need: Your imaginations! 

  1. The adult starts. E.g. “I would like to go to the zoo…”
  2. Then the child adds something:  “…to see a zebra!”
  3. The adult repeats: “I would like to go to the zoo to see a zebra…”
  4. And the child adds: “that is black and white!”
  5. Continue until someone forgets!

Extra: Add funny voices!

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 16

You can use: Funny clothes, glasses, hats, hairstyles, makeup 

  1. Get dressed: Take turns choosing clothing for each other.
  2. Style your hair with a hat, hair gel, or hair ties.
  3. Add funny makeup, a scar, freckles or a moustache!

 Extras: Choose a new name. Talk in funny voices. Make a dress up box!

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 17

You’ll need: Autumn leaves and your walking shoes or gummies.

  1. Head out for a walk, get outside, or visit one of your favourite parks.
  2. Scrunch and crunch your way through the autumn leaves.
  3. Throw the leaves into the air then watch them float to the ground.

 Great idea: If you take a change of clothes getting wet won’t matter at all!

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 01

Taking turns, use the starters below to talk about the things you love. 

  1.  “I love remembering when we…”
  2.  “I love your…”
  3.  “I love it when we…”
  4.  “I love it when you…”
  5.  “I love this photo because…”
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 18

Anei he kemu hei takaro ki waho

Here’s an outside game to play

  1. Haere ki waho, ka noho wehewehe, ki tētahi wāhi e pai ana.
    Head outside and sit separately, somewhere comfy.

  2. Katia ō karu, ka whakarongo i ngā oro e takahuri ana i a koe.
    Close your eyes and listen carefully to everything around you.

  3. Me tāpiri, me kape rānei i aua oro, kāre e rangona e te tangata!
    Try to add or copy a noise to the outdoor sounds that nobody notices!

  4. Ki te mau koe, whakamātauhia he oro anō.
    If you get caught, try again with another noise.

    He mahi anō: Me mahi ā-rōpū ki te waihanga anō i ngā āhua o waho, i a koe i roto i te whare. Hei tauira, mahi tahi ki te waihanga i ngā oro o te moana, o te ngahere rānei.
    Extra: Work as a team to recreate the outdoors, even when you’re inside. E.g. work together to create the sound of the beach or bush.

Getting tired? Turn a daily routine into a fun tiny adventure! 

You could have a jokey journey when you’re going to the supermarket, getting into the car, or nearly home from a big walk 

  1. Take turns choosing fun actions to do along the way.
  2. You might: Hop, hop, HOP five steps…
  3. Then: Skip, skip, SKIP five steps…
  4. Then: Kick, kick, KICK five steps…
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 19

You’ll need: Flowers, scissors, a rubber band, some ribbon (optional) 

  1. Pick a selection of flowers from your garden.
  2. Arrange the flowers so they sit together.
  3. Tie a rubber band around the bunch then trim  the ends.
  4. Add a ribbon if you have one.
  5. Give your flowers to someone kind, or someone you care about.2
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 PRINT 20

You’ll need: An empty egg carton, paints or felt pens and if you want, things to stick on.

  1. Turn your egg-carton upside-down and cut off the top and edge flap.
  2. Cut from one end to the other, to make two long caterpillar bodies.
  3. Paint and decorate your caterpillar, adding eyes and a smile.

 Extra: Give your new friend a name and glue on wool for hair, or give him sticky up pipe-cleaner antennae.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 19

You’ll need: A paper towel roll (or sellotape and a piece of paper), a torch, and good flexibility! 

  1. Telescope time: Close one eye and look through a paper towel roll (or a rolled up piece of paper). What can you see? Play pirates and hunt for your favourite things.
  2. Night-time fun: Go on a torch walk or play flashlight hide and seek.
  3. Upside downies: Bend forwards and look through your legs or do a headstand!
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 17

You’ll need: A mess to tidy! A little goofiness and some friendly competition!

  1. Race the song: Put on a song and see if you can tidy up everything before the song ends!
  2. Play mission impossible: Put on some theme music and take turns choosing a mission. E.g. Our challenge is to put away anything that’s blue. Or all our shoes.
  3. Kids vs parents: Race each other – kids tidying one room, adults another! Eek – don’t let the kids win!
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 16
    1. You’ll need: A muffin tin, 12 slices of wholemeal bread (crusts removed), your favourite fillings (see below) and some grated cheese. 
    2. Preheat your oven to 180°C, grease your tin and press in your bread slices.
    3. Evenly spoon in your favourite fillings:

      Spag-tom nom nom: Mix a chopped tomato and a can of spaghetti.

      Eggy-licious: Beat 2 eggs with 1/2 a cup of milk, then add cooked veggies and maybe some ham.

      Mince or beans: What a yummy way to use your leftovers!

    4. Top with grated cheese then bake for 15 minutes.

 Tip: Cool for a few minutes before serving.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 15

Me whai koe i: Tēnei kāri me ō kare ā-rongo katoa!

You will need: This card and all of your senses!

  1. Haere ki waho ka mahi i tētahi, i ētahi rānei o ngā mahi e rārangi ana i raro!
    Head outside and do one of the lists, some of the lists or all the lists!
  2. Rapua he mea pīataata, mea nui, mea huruhuru!
    Find something bright, something big, something fluffy!

  3. Rapua he mea iti, he mea hāwareware, he mea kāre anō koe kia kite!
    Find something small, something slimy, something you’ve never seen before!

  4. Rapua he mea kāre e taea te raweke, he mea ārani, he rawe tōna kakara!
    Find something you can’t touch, something orange, something that smells nice!

  5. Rapua he mea pirau, he mea waiporoporo, he mea ka taea tō tākaro!
    Find something rotting, something purple, something you can play with!

    He mahi anō: Haere ki te hīkoi i te ata, ahiahi pō rānei, ka tiro ki ngā tae o te ata, ki ngā tae o te ahiahi hoki.
    Extra: Go for a walk at dawn or daybreak and notice as the colours change around you.


You’ll need: Great manners and the desire to say “thanks” in different languages. Try the word slowly, try it together, then see if you can say it on your own.

Country                Word                    How to say it

Japanese              Arigatou                   ardei-ga-toe

German                Danke                      DAHN-keh

Samoan                Fa’afetai                  Far-ah-FAY-tie

Spanish                Gracias                    GRAH-see-iss

Māori                    Kia ora                    KEY-a-or-a

French                  Merci                       MER-see

Tongan                 Mālō                        Mah-loh

Portuguese           Obrigado (male)        ob-ree-GAH-doo

Portuguese           Obrigada (female)     ob-ree-GAH-dah

Fijian                    Vinaka                     Vin-AH-ca

Chinese                 Xiè xiè                    Shee shee

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 14

You’ll need: Lots of milk bottle tops along with an ice-cream container, a bowl and tongs, or a little picture / photo. 

  1. Little ones – play posty: Cut a hole in an ice-cream lid then “post” your milk bottle tops through it. The smaller the space the harder it will be!
  2. Kindy kids – play nip-nip crabs: Put your milk bottle tops in a bowl then use kitchen tongs to “nip” them out one by one. Time yourself!
  3. Big kids – make a game piece: Use a milk bottle top to draw a circle on a picture or photo. Cut it out and glue it into your bottle top. Yay – no more forgetting which piece is yours!
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 13

 You’ll need: Sore feet or shoulders, a cozy space and if you want, some moisturiser or massage oil.

  1. Make your room nice and cozy. Maybe light some candles and put on some relaxing music.
  2. Take turns giving a little foot, back or shoulder rub!
  3. Ask if it feels ok. Massage should be gentle and feel good.





AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 12

You’ll need: Eggs (or flat stones with round edges), paints and if you want, things you can glue on.

  1. Boil your eggs for six minutes and let them cool, or give your stones a good wash.
  2. Draw a picture onto your egg stone, or decorate it with paint and glitter.
  3. Give your creation to someone you care about or use an egg cup to display it.


AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 02

 You’ll need: An empty plastic bottle, two yoghurt pottles, or a paper towel roll, some noisy fillings (such as stones, rice, dried beans or macaroni), and some decorations.

  1. Easy shakers: Find an empty plastic bottle or container, half fill it with noisy fillings, then add the cap/lid and shake, shake shake!
  2. Yogi shakers: Wash then decorate two empty yoghurt pottles, then fill one with noisy fillings, before taping the pottles together, top-to-top.
  3. Skinny shakers: Decorate an empty paper towel roll, then tape a piece of paper over one end. Half fill the roll with a noisy filling, then tape paper over the other end too.

 Extra fun: Can you shake and sing? See our Little Big-Band card for more ideas.









AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 03

You’ll need: Knees to slap, hands to clap, drums to tap, or your own hand-made shakers (see our Make A Shaker card).

  1. Choose your instruments. Perhaps you could swap half way?
  2. Get tapping and clapping, clicking and shaking.
  3. Maybe put on one of your favourite songs and play along! 

Extra for experts: Can you think of a name for your band? Who could you perform a waiata for?

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 04

Kei i a koe:  Ō waewae mōmoka me ō whatu pūkana!

You might have: Your quiet feet and wide eyes!

  1. Mēnā he makariri me tiro manu koe mai i tō matapihi, ki te kore, haere ki tō māra, ki te papa rēhia e tata ana rānei ki a koe.
    If it’s cold you might look for birds out your window, otherwise, head into your garden or to the local park.

  2. Me āta haere, kaua hoki e hoihoi rawa – kia pai ai te tau o ngā manu.
    Try and be quiet and still – that way birds will pass by and land.

  3. Whakarongo hoki ki ngā tangi a ngā manu. Me whakamātau koe ki te mahi i aua tangi.
    Listen to their chirping. You can even try and make the same sounds.

  4. Ka kaute i ngā manu ka kitea e koe - 1, 2, 3, 4….
    Count the birds you see - 1,2,3,4…



You’ll need: Sharp eyes, leaves, paper, and paints, crayons or glue.

  1. The leaf game: See who can find the biggest, smallest, brightest, brownest, yellowest or reddest leaf… then hunt again.
  2. Leafy tracing: Put different leaves under a piece of paper then rub a crayon over the top. Ta daaa!
  3. Leaf stamps: Paint leaves then carefully stamp them on your paper. 

Extra for experts: Draw a tree trunk then glue leaves on as branches.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 05

You’ll need: A bagel or apple, peanut butter, bird seed (or cornflakes / popcorn) and string.

  1. Put your bird seed, or crushed cornflakes / popcorn in a bowl.
  2. Cut your bagel in half - or carefully core your apple.
  3. Put lots of peanut butter on your bagel or the outside of your apple.
  4. Then dip it into your bird seed and press firmly so it sticks.
  5. Tie your string through the bagel or core hole, then hang your feeder outside and keep watch for any birds who come to nibble!
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 06

You’ll need: Things to hide (such as stickers, I love you notes, photos, recipe ingredients, or special treats), and some helpful clues.  

Quick hunts

  1. Take turns hiding things and giving clues…
  2. When the person goes the wrong way say “cold, colder…” and when they go the right way say “warm, warmer, very very hot!”

Special hunts

  1. Hide your things then give the hunters their first hand-drawn (or written) clue.
  2. This clue will lead to the first treat and the next clue, until all treats are found!

Extra for experts

Have a night-time hunt with torches or have two teams racing to find what’s hidden.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 07

You’ll need: Paper and felts to make ‘play money’ (or Monopoly money), and different things to buy and sell.

  1. Make your money and decide on your store location.
  2. Find, make or bake some items to sell, then make little price labels.
  3. Hand out your money and keep some yourself so you can give people change.
  4. When all the items are sold have a race to tidy up!

 Extra: Give your store a name and make a shop-sign or a poster to advertise it.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 08

You’ll need: Some cardboard (e.g. the back of a cereal box), a big picture or photo, glue, a pencil and some scissors.

  1. Glue your picture or photo to the coloured side of your cardboard.
  2. On the back, draw straight or curvy lines for cutting along. The more you do the harder your puzzle will be.
  3. When the glue’s dry, cut along the lines, then muddle up the pieces.
  4. Make your puzzle! How fast can you make it?
AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 09

Me whai i: Tētahi rā paki!

You’ll need: A sunny day!

  1. Haere ki te kai tahi me tō whānau ki waho - mō te parakuihi, te tina, te hapa rānei – ahakoa te wā!
    Head outside with your whanau for kai – for breakfast, lunch, snacks or tea, anytime!
  2. Whakaritea mai he kai me tētahi paraikete, ka haere ki tētahi wāhi, e rawe ana, e harikoa ana ki a koe.
    Pack some kai and a blanket and head outside to a spot in the garden that makes you feel relaxed and happy.
  3. Tohua he wāhi pai, e noho, kātahi ka kai.
    Choose your spot, get comfy and share kai.
  4. Me tākaro, me tūhura hoki koe i taua wāhi.
    Spend some time playing and exploring too.

You’ll need: A few balloons, a felt pen, a fly swat or paper plate, strong lungs and quick hands.

  1. Flying balloon: Blow up your balloons, then when they are nearly full let them go!
  2. Balloony doodles: Draw a picture on your balloon then blow it up and watch it change size.
  3. Bats and swats: Grab a fly swat (or make a balloon bat by taping a stick to a paper plate), then try hitting your balloon with it.
  4. Volley-balloon: Blow up your balloon then tap it to each other without letting it touch the floor. Can you keep two balloons in the air?














Blow up your balloon then tap it to each other without letting it touch the floor. Can you keep two balloons in the air?




AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 11

You’ll need: A clock with a second hand (or an egg-timer) and your imagination...

  1. Take turns choosing list ideas and watching the clock. 
  2. You could make a one minute list of…

• Fruit and veggies

• All the people you know

• Your favourite places

• The things you like to eat

• The places you’d like to go

• Animals or sea creatures

• Colours

• Anything you like!

 Extra for older kids: If you can, write your answers down and see who can come up with the most.

AllRight SKIPS Cards A6 series2 DRAFT 3 10

How to reach out to pōhutukawa

You’ll need: A photo of an ancestor or someone in your whānau. 

  1. Choose a photo of someone from your whānau you love. 
  2. Cuddle up on the couch or in a blanket.
  3. Share stories about this person.
  4. Blow a kiss up to Pōhutukawa for this special person. 

Extra: Make a special frame for your photo using cardboard and decorations. 

Matariki Pohutukawa

How to reach out to Tupuānuku

You’ll need: A plant and your own garden. 

  1. Head outside to your garden on a sunny day. 
  2. Dig a hole in the dirt with your hands or a shovel.
  3. Place your plant in the hole and cover the roots. Give it lots of water. 
  4. Tend your plant to make sure it stays healthy. 

Extra: Keep seeds from a pumpkin or kamokamo and plant these in the spring. 

Matariki Tupuanuku

How to reach out to Tupuārangi

You’ll need: A sunny day. 

  1. Head out to your garden or local park.
  2. Keep still and look for manu (birds).
  3. Watch them in the trees as they fly and perhaps on the ground around you. 
  4. Kōrero about the names of the manu and the things you might know about them. 

Extra: Draw a picture of the manu (bird) you saw in your garden.  

Matariki Tupuarangi

How to reach out to Waitī

You’ll need: A local river or lake or your backyard hose and your kamupūtu (gumboots).  

  1. Head to a local river or lake with a parent or your whānau. 
  2. Look into the water and see your reflection!
  3. Wade into the shallow edge in your kamupūtu - try not to get too wet and cold!

Extra: Put on your kamupūtu, use your garden hose and splash in the water!

Matariki Waiti

How to reach out to Waitā

You’ll need: Music and maybe a light scarf, material or long strips of paper. 

  1. Put on soft, swishing sea music. 
  2. Dance and sway like kelp/seaweed on the tide. 
  3. Use a scarf or paper strips to dance with - make them move like seaweed. 

Extra: Head to the beach with your whānau and play in the shallow waves.

Matariki Waita

How to reach out to Waipunarangi

You’ll need: A bucket or pot. 

  1. Find a bucket or pot. 
  2. Drum your fingers lightly to make the light sound of rain. 
  3. Try tapping harder to make heavier rain, then back to light rain again. 

Extra: On a rainy day or night lie quietly and listen to the rain on the roof. Or try making the sound of rain by tapping your fingers in your bath water.

Matariki Waipunarangi

How to reach out to Ururangi

You’ll need: A manu tukutuku (kite) if you have one, or ribbons, crepe paper or strips of newspaper and a windy day. 

  1. Grab your kite, or cut ribbons or strips of paper. 
  2. Head outside to your garden or local park. 
  3. Fly your kite or hold the ribbons and paper so they ripple and float on the wind. 


Matariki Ururangi

How to reach out to Hiwa-i-te-rangi

You’ll need: Some paper and pens, pencils or crayons. 

  1. draw a whētu shape onto paper and cut it out. 
  2. Write or draw your wish on the whētu. 
  3. Wait until night time and whisper your wish up to the sky.
  4. Hang your star on your wall or fridge.  


Matariki HiwaITeRangi

How to reach out to Matariki

You’ll need: Some paper and pens, kai to share, your Hiwa-i-te-rangi wish. 

  1. Set a Matariki shared-kai date for friends and whānau. 
  2. Make some invitations - be sure to include whētu (stars) and give them out. 
  3. Share kai and enjoy your time together!
  4. Once dark, go outside together and send your wishes to hiwa-i-te-rangi.  

Extra: You might like to make whētu shaped chips or cupcakes with star decorations. 

Matariki Matariki