Why SKIP Tips?

It's free to download, and it's designed by parents for parents. Flick through lots of simple, helpful things to try for all the behaviours most parents find stressful - like toileting, tantrums, fighting and more.

Available now for Android and iPhone

Look up problems

Whatever you're struggling with, SKIP Tips has it covered. Scroll through common pre-schooler problems that stress every parent out - like tantrums, toileting whining and more.

Get simple tips that work

Once you've selected your problem, you can flick through lots of simple, age-appropriate tips, tested by parents. Tap on each for more information about how to put it into practice. Every child is different, so if one tip doesn't work for you, try another.

Set yourself challenges

Is there something about your parenting you'd like to change? The SKIP 7 day challenge is for you. Try it for just one week, it can really make a difference. You'll get daily personalised reminders and encouragment to keep you on track. Then check in at the end to see how you did!