• Love & warmth

    You can never spoil a child with too much love. Showing warmth and affection builds trust, positive self-esteem. and strengthens your relationship.
  • Talking & listening

    Talking with kids and really listening to what they say makes them feel heard and builds their confidence.
  • Guidance & understanding

    Children are more likely to co-operate when they understand why we want them to do something. Clear, simple, explanations are the most effective.
  • A structured & secure world

    Safe, supportive environments provide security and reduce conflict.
  • Consistency & consequences

    Consistency involves predictability. From an early age, children learn that an action has consequences.
  • Limits & boundaries

    Rules keep things safe and fair for the whole family. They need to teach mostly ‘what we do' rather than ‘what we don't do'. They need to work for everyone - for children and parents.