Some things you can try

At this age kids like to laugh and play silly games and enjoy pretend play. They like to practice skills like climbing, throwing, drawing and helping you around the house. They’ll ask lots of questions and tell stories, some with a mix of real and unreal. Although they feel secure with rules and routines, they’ll still test them. 

  • Use lots of phrases beginning with “let’s” and “how about we”.
  • Avoid power struggles by distracting them if they get stuck on ‘no’.
  • Be flexible on things that aren’t so important. 
  • Try bargaining - “as soon as you pick up your toys we can go to the park.”
  • Have calm down times when there’s been trouble. Choose a quiet place to talk about their behaviour and what will happen if it continues.
  • Ask them for their ideas – make sure you both agree, then follow through.

 Visit the Parenting Resource website for more child development information on three year olds.

Your time and attention are better for your kids than treats like lollies.