Younger babies

Babies can’t talk so they’ll often cry to tell you they need something. They will have unsettled times when they seem to cry more or are more difficult to calm. Over-stimulation, teething, increased appetite, or changes in their environment can all make them crankier. 

  • Give  them lots of attention - your baby won't be spoilt by too much love. 
  • Help them learn about the world by giving them lots of different things to see, hear, smell, touch and taste.
  • Talk to them and smile at them lots – eventually they’ll smile back.
  • Comfort them when they’re crying, by holding and talking, or singing softly to them.
  • Soothe them by taking them for a walk in the buggy or front pack. 
  • Give them a warm bath or mirimiri.

Try to think of it as a short time in your child's life when they need you a lot.

On the move

Babies soon learn how to get around. First rolling, then pulling themselves along the floor, crawling, cruising around furniture and walking. Making sure they're always safe will be tiring - but they are worth it! Remember, exploring is how they learn. 

  • Making your house 'baby safe' can save you a lot of time and worry. For more on this, visit the Plunket website
  • Crawl around your house yourself and do a safety check - it's amazing what you find down there!
  • Sometimes a change of scene can be good for everyone. Try to get out of the house when you can. 

Stuck for something to do with kids?

The Tiny Adventures app has lots of simple, fun, ideas.

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